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About us The Methodist Church including a brief history of Methodism and what we believe
Our congregation: who we are and how we came to be here
Our services: the style of our worship
The Drop Inn — our bookstore and coffee shop
Other activities
People in the congregation: who does what
Times and dates: a timetable of worship services and other events planned for the near future
Location Charlottenburg: How to get to our main church and the Drop Inn in Charlottenburg
Spandau: How to get to our church in Spandau
Public transport advisory for news of disruptions to public transport services in the area
The Bulletin Browse all issues: see all the previous issues of the Bulletin in chonological order
Browse by author: find a Bulletin article by a particular author
Browse by Bible reference: find a Bulletin article for a particular Bible reference
Issue 9: November 2003 [Change][Time flies][Oeverdieck][Why care?]
Issue 8: October 2003 [Retreats][Revolution][Your pastor][Yom Kippur]
Issue 7: September 2003 [Some plant…][Fun of the fair][The worm][Computer Psalm 23][Holy computers][Rosh Ha Shanah]
Issue 6: August 2003 [Praise the Lord!][Successful preacher][God's character][Tisha B'Av]
Issue 5: July 2003 [Time for renewal][Greetings to Americans][God speaks][Dear Mary]
Issue 4: June 2003 [Own language][Day in June][Isaiah's vision][Shavuot]
Issue 3: May 2003 [Accepting one another][Going up][May I][Lag B'Omer]
Issue 2: April 2003 [He is not here][Morning][Sunday after][Truth or not truth]
Issue 1: March 2003 [A new beginning][All that Lent stuff]
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