About us

We are an English language congregation of the United Methodist Church of Germany, supported by the United Methodist Church of both Germany and the United States, and the British Methodist Church. We have members from many different countries and cultures, and although we are currently a small church, we still have a wide range of experience and tradition to draw upon.

Find out a little more about us, who we are and what we do, on the following pages:

The Methodist Church
A brief description of the Methodist Church, how it started and what it stands for.

Our Congregation
The history of our congregation here in Berlin, why we are here and where we are going.

Our services
About our style of worship and some of the different forms it takes.

The Drop Inn
The "Drop Inn" in Charlottenburg is a place to meet for coffee, a chat and a snack. There are a few Christian books in English on sale as well.

Other activities
Some of the other activities we get up to.

People in the congregation
A brief run-down of some of the people responsible for running our congregation.

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