About this site

Who is it for?

This site is intended, quite simply, for people who are looking for an English language church in Berlin, Germany. Of course, current members might like to keep track of times and dates of events, and former members (scattered throughout the world) may be interested in keeping up with the latest news.

That's about it, really...

What does it contain?

This site includes information about who we are, what we do (and when we do it) and how to contact us and find us in real life. It also includes articles from The Bulletin, our monthly newsletter.

Can I use the material I find here?

For personal use, there are no restrictions. But if you're going to publish something you find here on your own website or in your own newsletter, please read the Copyright information.

Which browser should I use?

All current browsers should be able to display this site with no problem. Acceptable results can be obtained with a text-only browser, such as Lynx, or a screen reader.

The site is usable at all common screen resolutions down to 800×600. Active scripting (or JavaScript) does not need to be activated.

What software was used to create the site?

For the coding, a simple text editor, NoteTab Light (link opens in new window), was used. Graphics were created using Corel DRAW (link opens in new window). Files were uploaded using WS_FTP95 LE available from Ipswitch Inc. (link opens in new window).

And now Debbie takes care of it using Dreamweaver.

Does this site use cookies?

No. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Technical details

This site uses, wherever practicable, XHTML 1.0 standards with as few graphics as possible. The use of an external stylesheet (CSS-P) speeds up the site, while JavaScript and HTML tables have been avoided as far as is possible. The goal has been to create a site that is fast and low on bandwidth.

What's that bear?

A bear wearing a golden crown is the official symbol of Berlin, and appears on the city's flag and coat of arms. While we are not so conceited as to think that we are trying to "convert Berlin", Andrew did need something to lighten up the website ever so slightly. As a symbol of Christianity in Berlin it seemed appropriate… and, let's face it, Christians can have a little fun, too.

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