Holy computers

Jesus and Satan were having an argument about who was better at their PCs. God got so tired of their bickering that he decided to set them a 2-hour test. The two of them sat at their PCs and got to work. They moused about, did spreadsheets, sent e-mails, created homepages and researched and typed genealogy reports. Then, 10 minutes before the deadline, a lightning storm hit and the power went off.

Satan swore all the curses in the nether world, whilst Jesus sat calmly back and waited for the return of the power. When it came back on they re-started their computers. Satan cried, "Gone! Gone! It's all gone!" Jesus simply opened his files and began to print. Satan looked at God and said, "He cheated! Didn't he?"

God just shrugged his shoulders and replied, "No, Jesus saves."

Submitted by: Susan Bollongino
From the newsletter of the URC Caravan Fellowship
quoted in Ichthus magazine
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