Times and dates

Where and when does worship take place?

The following worship services are currently planned. We are worshiping together again in the sanctuary every Sunday from now on. Alterations are, however, possible. We, therefore, kindly ask you check our website regularly.

Please note that all worship services start at 5:15 pm.

Time Venue Activity Preaching

  October 2022

Oct. 1
5:15 pm Sanctuary Harvest Thansgiving Service  Pastor Carolyn Kappauf
Oct. 9
5:15 pm Sanctuary In-Person Worship  Pfarrer Ralf Daniels
  (The sermon will be in German with
  an English translation)
Tues. Oct. 12
7:45 pm Online Final Bible Fellowship Online
Oct. 16
5:15 pm Sanctuary Farewell Worship Service
 Pastor Carolyn Kappauf
Oct. 23
5:15 pm Sanctuary In-Person Worship  Rev. Robin Youett
Sun. Oct. 30
5:15 pm
Sanctuary Induction Service for Pastor Anja Müller
Superintendent Gabriel Straka

  November 2022

Nov. 6
5:15 pm Sanctuary In-Person Worship  Miriam Printson
Nov. 13
5:15 pm Sanctuary In-Person Worship
 Rev. Robin Youett
Nov. 20
5:15 pm Sanctuary In-Person Worship
Christ the King Sunday
 Debora Weber-Wulff
Nov. 27
5:15 pm Sanctuary In-Person Worship
First Sunday of Advent
 Pastor Anja Müller

The offering from the first Sunday in every month is dedicated to the Building Fund.

Bible Fellowship

Pastor Carolyn would like to offer a final bible fellowship with sharing and prayer on October 12th at 8 p.m. If you are interested, you are welcome to join by using the blue link above.

The dates and place of meeting for future meetings will be announced as soon as possible.

Our Zoom room:

The normal online service and
Bible Fellowship

can be found by clicking on the link under "Online" or by joining meeting 823 800 1446 and using the number 190847 to get in for both internet and telephone.

For further information please email us at contact@methodist-berlin.de

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