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The Rittersaal (the Knight's Hall)

The Church of the Resurrection in Berlin-Charlottenburg has a large room, 260 m2, that they want to be renting out. It has some advantages and some disadvantages (as do all rooms). Maybe you are looking for a good space for your startup?


It is on the historical housing list (Denkmalschutz)! The house was built 1893-1894, this room was used as an Odd-Fellows lodge until 1921 as their meeting room.

Advantages and Disadvantages



  • Near public transport (U Bismarckstr.)
  • Parking in the area is difficult.
  • Quiet
  • Since it is part of a residence, no noise can be made before 7:00 or after 22:00.
  • Since it is over a church sanctuary, there is only limited use of the room on Sundays.
  • Beautiful stained-glass windows
  • Single-pane windows (but it would be possible to put second layer behind them)
  • Big space, perfect for a start-up that will need to rearrange temporary spaces as they grow
  • Only temporary dividers are possible, no extra walls can be built, as the property is listed.
  • Beautiful high ceilings - it's a space for having lofty ideas!
  • Heating the space is not cheap.
  • It's on the third floor (2. Etage), so you get a bit of a workout going to work in the morning or using the toilets on the ground floor.
  • There is no elevator, so it is not disabled accessable.
  • There is a little kitchen with a shower and a toilet down the hall on the same floor that is included without additional rent.
  • There are some group meetings and church functions on some evenings in a ground-floor room, and some musicians practice in the sanctuary, so there are other people using the downstairs toilets.
  • There is a back door to the stairs belonging to the Seitenflügel if you need to get out quickly.
  • There is a little stage at the far side of the room, raised about 20 cm. Just enough for the boss to be able to sit up there and keep an eye on everything.
  • We have many chairs we are not using, you are welcome to use them. We'll be taking them up to our attic before you move in if you don't need them.
  • You have to go out to the street to smoke, which will get you some exercise and fresh air.
  • No smoking in the rooms or the courtyard.

We are asking for 10 €/m2 for the rent (+ utilitites), but are willing to discuss depending on what you will be using the space for. Some renovations are planned, but we will discuss this with the new tenants.

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Are you interested? Please contact us at rittersaal@methodist-berlin.de!

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